More Information About Grace Bags

I see from the comments to Tuesday’s devotion that people are interested in learning more about the Grace Bags that we make here at Faith.  Here is some more information.


Grace Bags are large gallon-sized zip-lock bags filled with items that someone on the streets would need. These are designed to be kept in your car to hand out rather than money when you come upon someone on a street corner.


There is a mailing label sticker on the outside of the bags that say, “You are a beloved child of God.  I am praying for you as I drive away and I hope you will do the same for me”.  We teach out people to ask the name of the person to whom they hand the Grace Bag and then to pray for them by name as they drive away.


This prayer exchange teaches us that we are are not the only ones with something to offer. And this by far, is a more Christian way of responding to the needs of those on our streets.


Two members of our Social Ministry board do the monthly (or as needed) shopping for the Grace Bags.  Our middle school kids put them together one Sunday morning a month during their learning group time.  Each bag costs approximately $3.50 and we ask for a donation of $5 per bag from our people as they pick them up.  This allows this ministry to be self supporting.


Grace Bags are available every Sunday at our Visitor Information table.


The bags include:

1 – 16.9 oz bottle of drinking water

1 – 5 oz can of Vienna Sausages

1 – 4 oz can of fruit

1 – 7.5 oz Chef Boy-R-Dee meal

2 – 6 count cheese and peanut butter crackers

2 – .5 oz meat snack sticks (Jerky)

1 – Pocket size packet of tissues

1 – Pack of Juicy Fruit gum

2 – Individually wrapped hand-sanitizing wipes

1 – Restaurant pack of eating utensils with a napkin

1 – Prayer sticker on the outside of the zip-lock bag


If you would like more information, feel free to email Jennifer Finley, our Director of Youth/Family Ministries who brought this idea to Faith.  Email her at


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