Thursday, March 15th. Acts 16:25

Our devotions this Lenten season have been written by members of Faith Lutheran Church.  Today’s devotion is by Roxy Funchess. Also, if you would like to join our staff in praying the liturgy for Responsive Prayer/Suffrages just click here.


About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Acts 16:25 


My son Harrison is in 7th grade and used to use the excuse for not wanting to attend church activities:  “but, Mom, I don’t know any of those kids.”  He wasn’t the only one that felt that way!


Well, one by one, we started going to different kinds of activities at Faith. 


Confirmation kick-started us into seeing the same kids every week…summer camp at Lutherhill, then Faith Families, where people of all ages came to hang out on a Friday night to eat dinner together…putting together Grace Bags for homeless folks.


Before long, our whole family knows those other kids’ names (and their parents’ names as well)!  Sunday School now has familiar faces!


Paul and Silas had fellowship in prison, of all places.  Talk about unfamiliar faces…but when it comes down to it, we’re all God’s children, and if you bring God into the picture, things (and people) can change.  Little by little, Paul and Silas learned about those people; shared stories with them; and shared their love of Christ with them. 


It’s the same at Faith.  We all come from different corners of Houston.  Once we get past the uncomfortable not-knowing-anyone stage we meet those around us and find out that we have more in common than we thought, and it’s easier to invite more people over to Faith. 


Before long, there are fewer and fewer unfamiliar faces on Sunday morning!


Let us pray:  Heavenly Father, Help us to remember that whenever we step inside of Faith Lutheran Church, we immediately belong here.  You belong here. I belong here.  We all belong here.  Be a part of the fellowship that we share with each other.  Remind us that your love reaches out to all of us and there is always room for more.  In your name, we pray,  Amen.



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