Proverbs 28:27

Our devotions this Easter season come from members of Faith Lutheran Church. Today’s writer is Annika Becker.

Whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing, but one who turns a blind eye will get many a curse.” Proverbs 28:27

Nothing we have in our lives truly belongs to us. The earth, our possessions, our bodies, and our talents are a few examples of the gifts that were entrusted to us by God to care for.

One of the main things that we, as people and children of God, are entrusted with, and therefore responsible for the well being of, are the people we share the earth with, our neighbors. This means that it is our obligation as the “caretakers” of our neighbors, to help those who are in need in the same way we would care for ourselves.

In contrast, those who know this and yet fail to do so are cursed in the sense that they are not living according to God’s will.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for all the wonderful gifts that you have given us. Help us to realize that we are mere caretakers of these gifts as we look after each other. Amen.


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