Hard Drive Crash

Greetings everybody,

For the second time in my life in the computer age, I had a hard drive crash yesterday.  I also had a very busy day yesterday.  So I didn’t write or send out a devotion yesterday or today.  I’m still trying to piece things back together on my computer.  The cost of installing a new harddrive isn’t measured in dollars (it was under warranty and therefore free) but in the loss of data that I thought was being regularly backed up.

I thought that my automatic backup system was automatically backing everything up.  I thought wrong.  It turns out that it was backing up data but it wasn’t backing up the software programs that I use to create the data.  And, evidently, what I think is really valuable data – like all of the photographs and music – wasn’t valuable enough to be included in the backup process.  Undoubtedly, that is a user error.  I must not have clicked something that I otherwise should have clicked to be backing everything up.

I also lost my organization plan with all of the email traffic that crosses my desk or starts with my fingers.  I had a very elaborate system to keep track of everything.  That is all gone.

I’m telling you all of this to explain why the daily devotion schedule that I hoped to follow through Holy Week won’t happen.  Until I get my computer back up and reasonably useful, I won’t be using it.

And I’m telling you THAT because I think I see the message I need to be seeing this Holy Week.

The “system” killed Jesus.  The harddrive of the worldly powers that be – the church, the government and the crowd – thought that Jesus was a virus come to wreak havoc on the whole.  He needed to be erased to keep the system going.  But in fact Jesus wasn’t a virus but an entirely different operating system. the original operating system.

Two days ago I thought my computer was running a little slow but basically was functioning as well as I needed it to function.  Come to find out that I was wrong.  It was on its last legs.  Now I have a brand new harddrive and I have to start many things over again.  Some of what I had still remains.  Some seems gone for now.  But clearly, although there are adjustments to be made,  I’m in a better place today than I was yesterday.

That is my hope for our common Holy Week.  I pray that somehow we might come to know this weekend that the systems that control our lives are not foolproof.  We aren’t either.  And sometimes something has to crash before things get better.  I pray that the right things crash in your life that there might be room for something brand new to be born in you  by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Happy Easter.  See you Monday.


9 Responses to “Hard Drive Crash”

  1. Carlene Says:

    Thank you for making lemonade out of the lemons tossed to you by the technology world!

    — Carlene Goldthwaite
    American Lutheran Church
    Grand Junction, Colorado

  2. Sharon Williams Says:

    Hi Pastor, You seem so real and down to earth with your computer problems, and so divinely guided in your interpretation of the event. Thank you for sharing your everyday life with us. I thought of you earlier this month when my husband and I were in Houston for the very first time. We were there only to fly home to Nevada after spending time in Galveston and Corpus Christi, but I thought of you just the same. I have been telling people for a long time that my daily devotionals come from Houston.
    Blessings, Sharon

  3. Chap Holbert Says:

    Kerry, I am sorry that this happened to you. I have a photography business and save my client pictures on the computer. I understand. I lost an external hard drive with a year of info on it, (I thought) My computer repair person was able to save it all for me. I now have three external hard drive systems duplicating my work. But, in the end and in the beginning God is incharge. We are stronger by our difficulty. This past week, I was asked to officiate a funeral. God moves in amazing ways. I have never done this, but by the power of the Holy Spirit I did it. I am a photographer, a lay person, a Sunday school teacher and a chaplain for my lodge. I visited with a family in the hospital who’s father was taken off of life support and prayed with them. I had a phone call the next dat abd was asked just to say a prayer with the family at the funeral home. The next thing I knew may name was in the obituary as the person officiating the service. They had no church. God calls us when He needs us and gives us the words we need. It went very well. After the service I had a person ask me to do their service and another asked if I did weddings. I told them yes and no. God bless you and lift you in your stress. God bless, Chap+++

  4. Dennis Says:

    Blessings on your Easter celebrations Brother Kerry and thanks again for all you and your computer do for us!


  5. Robin Thomas Says:

    What a wonderful outlook in an otherwise frustrating,to say the least, situation. Thank you.

  6. Georgene Thompson Says:

    Sometimes your messages that come from your everyday experiences have the most meaning for me. I’ve also had the computer crash…I guess we all have had our computer problems at some point, but a crash is the worst. When it happens we feel so helpless. Yet you found light in the situation and were able to share that with so many.

  7. LaNita Hetland Says:

    Pastor Kerry, you are unrelenting blessing!!! Have a joyous Easter! In Him who rose from the dead, LaNita

  8. Becky Ortiz Says:

    Thank you for your daily devotions. I miss them when things happen and you can’t send them. Things happen and we must learn from the experiences. God’s blessings on you and your ministry.

  9. Glenn See Says:

    As always, cool and smooth and delivering the Word.
    Be Blessed my friend…

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