My Computer is Back!


My computer is back!  Apple Geniuses are geniuses.  The time capsule thingamabob really does work…as long as you have a genius to walk you properly through the restore process.  I didn’t lose a thing.  Whew.

I should have realized that anyone reading these devotions is probably as dependent on their computers as I am.  Thank you all for your notes and comments.

9 Responses to “My Computer is Back!”

  1. Lorene Halsey Says:

    Yeah! I always miss you when the devotion doesn’t come. Lost my computer last year and I thought with it 10 years of genealogy work. Don’t ask me how but after trying for months to retreive it off of a backup disc with no success – there it was on the new computer.
    Yes, they are wonderful things, couldn’t live without them but they sure do add lots of turmoil to our lives.
    Welcome back!!!

  2. Arnie Walter Says:

    Pastor Kerry,
    GOOD to hear all is back.

    Old geek joke,
    Why was Jesus able to continue his work?
    Jesus always saves! 🙂

    (be patient with me 🙂

    God bless and Happy Easter

  3. Sharon Boyd Says:

    Praise the LORD! The whole purpose was the great “devotion” yesterday! You are SUCH a great disciple! Praying that you and your family have a blessed Easter!


  4. Phyllis Cox Says:

    I know it’s not appropriate until Saturday night, but Hallelujah! Just got home from a wonderful, inspiring Maundy Thursday worship and found your email. Glad you don’t have to “fret” anymore- at least until the next time.

  5. Mary Sohlin Says:

    The Lord has all kinds of helpers, even including the Apple guys. Who would have thought?

  6. Irma Anderson Says:

    Pastor Kerry —
    Hooray! The Kerry Komputer is in full operation again! A blessed Easter to you!

  7. Dennis Says:

    The good Lord really does put the right person in the right place at the right time!

    Easter Blessings!

  8. Kennet Swanson Says:

    I recieved your email that your computer was fixed but did not recieve the daily devotion for the day.

  9. Kenneth Swanson Says:

    My 2nd reply. I forgot to add a letter H at the end of my name (Kenneth)

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